The project has a strong intergenerational focus and will recruit and train a group of young people as oral history interviewers. They will interview a wide range of older south Asian residents, from retired factory workers and community workers to successful politicians, business leaders and artists, documenting the themes of immigration, built heritage and community achievement. Assisted by an experienced photographer and designer, the young people will produce a high quality publication and exhibition display, to be launched at Bradford’s prestigious Impressions Gallery in this autumn.

COEMO’s Chief Executive, Dr Mohammed Salam, believes the project has huge potential to promote a positive image of Bradford: He said “The idea for this project came out of consultation with some of Bradford’s older South Asian residents, many of whom came to live and work in the city in the 1950s and 60s. Life in Bradford has changed dramatically since then. They have seen considerable changes in the city and it became clear that there is a danger that the stories and experiences of the older generation will be lost if they are not recorded. We are very excited about this project and very grateful for our project partners joining with us to make it happen.” 

See the project blog for specific details:

Changing Bradford

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The Bradford District is facing a huge change in the light of the recent cuts throughout the country.

As you may have noticed some of the old community faces have now been left without employment due to the funding cuts affecting the sector. There are no signs that things are improving yet, but we can all try to pull together to make improvements to the hard-to-reach communities which have been hit the most.

If your organisation is struggling due to the funding cuts please get in touch and we would like to see how we may support you in these difficult times.


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